Darloch's Hall of Fame

These links take you to meet some of the people who have wanted to shake our hands over the years. There is an uncanny resemblance to people who are really in the public eye.

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Larry Keen - One of America's finest with Davie Sinclair lending a helping hand and Michael Fauth singing along Larry_Dave.jpg (375963 bytes)
Bianca Jagger - Capitol Hill Washington DC jackson.jpg (31484 bytes)
Jessie Jackson jackson.jpg (31484 bytes)
Eric Bell - Irish Village Dubai KEN_BELL.jpg (15952 bytes)
James Cosmo - On the set of a commercial in Ayrshire james_cosmo.jpg (38748 bytes)
Clifford Geer - The guy 2nd from right claims to be Cliff Richard, then he thought he was Richard Geer. The things some people say to shake our hands. More importantly the guy on the left is the famous congressman Mike Barnes cliff-geer.jpg (51035 bytes)
Ted Kennedy - Oh No! It is Cliff Richard again - At a Ball in The Hilton in Washington DC ted_and_the_boys.jpg (34658 bytes)
Gary Evans after a round of Golf in Dubai gary_evans.jpg (71000 bytes)